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We know you've noticed that at times we have a link up here to our subscription boxes through CrateJoy. If you've ever wondered what was in them, check out this new Unboxing Video for the Soy for Days crate! 

Check out our new Gift Baskets!! We are very excited to announce that ALL of our fragrances are now available as Invividual Gift Baskets. Each gift basket comes with One 16 oz. candle, Two bars of soap, One bottle of oil, One medium lotion, 12 sticks, and 12 cones, all in the same scent. If you love a particular one of our scents, or know someone who does, then this is a PERFECT way to get it all in one shot! Just go to any of our fragrance pages - the gift basket is now a new item for each scent.

Also, we are in Street Fair season. Watch our Facebook page and this space for the shows we will be vending at each weekend. This weekend, find us at the Brid's Closet Beltane Festival - https://bridscloset.com/beltane-festival-2019. This show is ALWAYS a good time, with plenty of vendors, live music, and a maypole dance at noon. It all takes place on the grounds of the Palaia Vineyards - 20 Sweet Clover Rd., Highland Mills, NY 10930. Come on down, and wear your best witchy/renaissance/hippie attire. You'll love it!

Don't forget to look below for our latest offerings! The links are all to the 11" incense sticks, but each of these new fragrances is available in all forms. Or, try a whole selection of them by ordering the Newest Scents option on one of our Sample Packs!


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